Discordtop.com is a discord server listing website which provides place to search appropriate discord server or add own discord server. Owners of the server have to bump their servers every 3 hours in order to get on the top. We sort servers by bump points, highest to lowest.

In order to add your discord server, first of all you have to sign in and go to Add Server. You will see all discord servers you own or being an administrator. Click on the green button "Add Server" and fill the form. Please fill all required gaps, otherwise your server will be hidden from the discord server list

  • Minimum 2 tags (each of them contains minimum 3 characters)
  • Short description (minimum charactares is 50 and maximum - 240)
  • Long description (minimum characters 100, maximum - 1000)
  • Permanent invite link (The link shouldn't be taken from other server otherwise you will get an error).

  • In the end, click on the button "Save Server".

The main rule of attracting members to your server is attractive description, title and tags. First of all, choose appropriate tags for your server. Secondly, write interesting short description that will attract people. Thirdly, put unique server avatar which contains noticeable colors like as red, orange, yellow and so on. In the end, you have to bump server every 3 hours in order to get to the top of the website.

In order to contact with staff members, you have to join DSL Discord server. After that, you will see online staff members and contant with them.
If you want to report about technical issue, please inform staff members or owner of the DSL discord server.

Basically, your discord server has to follow Discord TOS and Discord Guidelines. While adding the server, please pay attention to the requirements for adding server which are - minimum 2 tags (each of them contains minimum 3 characters) , short description (minimum charactares is 50 and maximum - 240) , long description (minimum characters 100, maximum - 1000) ,permanent invite link (The link shouldn't be taken from other server otherwise you will get an error).

Discord Top website provides great opportunity to get members on your discord server easily. We sort the servers by bump points, therefore you need to get more bump points to get your server to the top. You can bump every 3 hours and you can get 8 bump points every day. Also, to get on the first page, you can wait for the reset (It happens on the 1st of month) and bump the server when bump points are reseted.

The reason of not showing up your server is not provided full information about your server . For instance, if you didn't write long description, you will get an error in your dashboard and the server won't show up on the website. Please check if all gaps are filled.

Isolated incident! If your server name contains only copied emojis, definitely your server won't show up. We will fix it as soon as possible. If you're the victim of this case, please join our Discord Server or contact with the owner - skilet#7648

As you may noticed new button "Add Bot" in your dashboard, it is a Discord Servers List bot which provides opportunity to bump your server in your discord server without need to visit the website. The bot is still in BETA, so you may see some cool changes in DSL bot in the future!

Notice! If you saw an issue in Discord Servers List bot, please contact with @skilet16#7648

The bot is still in BETA test, so we have only few commands:
- d!info , is a command which introduces whole DSL bot. It shows all allowed for server owners.
- d!bump , bumps your server in Discord Servers List.(The command won't work if you didn't add your server in DSL website)

In the future we will update our FAQ with new information about the bot!

"Expired Link" error appears on the server which has expired invite link. In order to fix the error, you have to create a permanent invite link and change the invite link in "Invite Link" field by editing the server.

Warning If you have correct invite link but the error didn't disappear, please look on other fields such as Short Description, Long Description or Tags if they are filled up.

The errors on the form means that you haven't filled up the gaps and passed the requirements yet. The system will let you know, where you made a mistake after clicking "Save Server" button.

The main reason why it gives 'incorrect join link' error is server's expired invite link. The owner of the discord server, has to change the invite link to another one. Preferably change it to permanent invite link to avoid problems in the future.

Premium in Discord Top divides into two types: Silver and Gold. The premium status gives great opportunity to get many members fast and makes your server card more noticeable than others. Futhermore, the premium status enhace getting bump points, so you could move your server on the top rapidly. Most important is buying the premium status, you're helping us to grow up and we really appreciate it.
More information about the Premium status, you can get in your dashboard.

Shortly, yes. Upgrading your server from silver to gold will give you benefit. The time will be extended more than if you upgrade from normal to gold. The owner will get +15 days as a bonus for upgrading.

The reason of failed payment is canceling the payment. To successfuly buy the premium, you need to successfully process the payment. If you payed, but you didn't got a premium status, please Contact with us.